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Would you do the Exegesis Seminar?

If you could change yourself, to enable you to get what you want out of life and be satisfied, would you
do it?

If, in just a few days, you could empower yourself to elevate your performance to a level that you
previously imagined to be impossible with a change that was so forthright and permanent it
would invigorate all areas of your life, would you do it?

The Exegesis Seminar


 A re-enactment of the Exegesis Seminar

 The enlightenment programme so controversial that questions were
 asked about its activities in the Houses of Parliament

 The first book written from the viewpoint of those who actually
 completed the seminar

 Unbiased and presented solely from a neutral perspective
 The Exegesis Seminar provides a faithful account of the programme
 that changed people's lives forever

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Rough Diamond and Past Tense are two different stories featuring the same characters. Rough Diamond
is the earlier one so I recommend that you read it first.

Rough Diamond


 Luke Bramford wouldn't consider himself to be a Rough Diamond but
 others might. He would, however, admit to having a passion for travel.
 So when his best friend's widow asks him to accompany her on a trip
 he finds himself drawn into an adventure that leads them to the South
 Pacific, New Zealand and Australia. An adventure that would become
 a race to secure the rights of a People.

 Rough Diamond is an amusing travel adventure that also explores the
 dilemmas of right and wrong, loyalty and love.

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Past Tense


 Luke Bramford tries not to have any contact with the police. He hasn't
 always got on with them. However, policemen become hard to avoid
 when he and his new wife return from their honeymoon and get caught
 up in the case of a missing professor, three dead bodies and the
 secrets of Stonehenge.

 Past Tense is an amusing, fast-moving story of murder and ancient
 mysteries that also provides a new explanation of why Stonehenge
 was built.

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